Trevor Koverko

Trevor Koverko is a former athlete who stumbled into the world of blockchain over a decade ago.  He is now keenly interested in all things Web3, notably DeFi, NFT’s and the emerging asset class of security tokens.

Tales of Toronto

Those early memories of childhood, the places we visit and landmarks we are taught to revere take form in our psyches and help shape who we are for the rest of our lives.

Trevor Koverko grew up watching his favorite athletes on the ice, the field and the court. As a child, he played in the lush green parks of the city and experienced his first disagreements and reconciliations with his friends. As a young man, he saw phenomenal musicians perform in local venues.

The urban turf and the natural world meshing together in the beautiful tapestry of Toronto helped shape Trevor Koverko’s life.

After all, lives are built upon memories, stacked up like beautiful leaves in the ever-changing landscape of hours that become days, that become decades.

And he was not alone in experiencing the beauty of Toronto. Its remarkably rich history has helped shape millions of people into who they have become. The cityscape has most certainly served a guide to generations of families who have learned to survive–and to thrive–through the humid continental climate; the skyscrapers and trees; and all the diverse people with whom they were fortunate to interact.

Since 1793, Toronto has been providing opportunities for residents, the melding of land and lake and the refreshing breeze from the water that make the city feel even more alive, more vibrant, more welcoming to industry and hard work.

Toronto has inspired Trevor Koverko since childhood.