Trevor Koverko

Blockchain and Web3 are reimagining the very fabric of finance, culture, technology and everything in between.

Trevor Koverko was an early adopter of this technology, but even he couldn’t have predicted how quickly and universally these decentralized protocols would be embraced by mainstream people.

Trevor grew up in urban Toronto and spent much of his youth playing hockey, eventually getting drafted at the highest level. That is until a tragic accident on Canada’s busiest highway ended his hockey career in an instant. 

It was an early winter afternoon when Trevor’s life changed forever. 

Trevor was diagnosed with a catastrophic brian injury which means he suffered severe and permanent brain damage. The injury was diffuse in nature meaning there were lacerations, contusions and hemorrhaging scattered across all of the lobes of his brain.

When he arrived at the hospital he was temporarily paralyzed on the left side of his body. 

The medical staff at Hamilton general hospital told his Mom and Dad he would never be the same.

But Trevor was always a relentless optimist. He was in his early
20’s, positive and no stranger to adversity and injury. While the injury was devastating, the care he received from the hospital and the outpatients he met helped him become grateful for all the gifts and blessings he still had like his friends, family, faith, and the spirit to recover.

He started an extreme regiment of hourly rehab which included a never ending sequence of occupational therapy, speech language pathology, physical rehabilitation and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

After over 2 years of intense rehab, Trevor was making a remarkable recovery. The time in the ICU and step down facilities at The Toronto Rehab Institute made him hungry to get back outside and see the world.

After finally getting discharged from the hospital, Trevor didn’t
waste any time. The long hospital nights gave him time to think about where he wanted to go for the next chapter of his life. He knew he had a lot to catch up on and even more new things to learn.

He narrowed the target markets down to three: Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Mainland China.

And after a bout of indecisiveness, he chose all three!

It was that globally focused, broad based experience that positioned Trevor so well for the upcoming crypto revolution.

But first he had to finish his education to fulfill a promise to his
Mom and in 2012, Trevor graduated with honour grades from one of Canada’s top business school.

  And then it was finally time to start his journey to learn from world leading dealmakers and technologists on how to finance and operate new companies.

Trevor bought his first bitcoin immediately after graduation. The bill came to $20 and the only marketplace he could find that even sold them was eBay.

That officially marked his journey as a full time blockchain investor and entrepreneur.

It wasn’t long before Trevor was spending time at Bitcoin Decentral in Toronto, where Ethereum was founded, and even starting his own projects that are known around the world.

But his passion for Web3 remains the same.

He believes in the potential to empower billions of people around the world to take part in a new financial and cultural system that is more fair, transparent and fun than the legacy world we live in today.