Beyond Bitcoin: How Crypto is Changing Burger Chains and Public Policy

More and more companies, from real estate developers to now a burger chain are exploring what cryptocurrency could mean for transactions and the future of their businesses.  This includes a recent move by the popular burger chain Shake Shack (SHAK), which is now running a promotion that provides customers bitcoin as a reward for making food purchases using Block’s (SQ) Cash App.  Shake Shack...

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World Wisdom

Residents of North America can typically become lulled into a state of being that leaves little room for experiencing life outside of work. The rat race, so to speak, cripples in numerous ways: psychologically, emotionally, and physically. At the end of the day, wealth and success comes at a high price and often bankrupts people in all other areas of their lives. “Karoshi” or the Japanese word...

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Global Collaboration Reveals Unbelievable Truths About the Brain

The brain remains the last great frontier of scientific exploration, the very thing that allows for humans to function in a variety of ways: from breathing, to movement, to experiencing love, to memory. Yet, scientists are just now standing at the precipice of understanding it. A global public-private effort was initiated in 2013. Called the Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative...

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